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  1. Not So Fast

    10/30/09 20:42:12 | 0 Comments


    evil has been described as absence of godling, like darkness is absence of light, as well we know light is matter transformed fired into radiance, illumination, heat also with electromagnetic fields of force helping to produce gravitational forces, but for a more mundane and non-physical defining moment, evil could be...
  2. importance of being humane

    10/29/09 14:08:14 | 0 Comments


    l1/24/07 (another day of rebirth, renewal, a new chance to live fuller than before)

    "this rose will never die" - Cat Stevens

    Do you...
  3. Husky Rescue - The Good man

    10/26/09 06:18:18 | 0 Comments

  4. Bulldozing U.S. Cities

    10/22/09 15:37:44 | 0 Comments

    Bulldozing U.S. Cities image The issue:Should parts of economically downtrodden U.S. cities suffering from "chronic population loss" be bulldozed to ensure the cities' survival? Supporters of bulldozing cities say: Many former U.S. manufacturing centers in the Northeast and Midwest suffer...
  5. Re-qualification

    10/08/09 19:56:52 | 0 Comments


    I guess I'd rather be hated than...
  6. Lucky Charms...magically delish

    09/19/09 12:59:09 | 0 Comments

    o'mission and co'mmission (or waking a sleepy giant fi, fife & drum)

    I guess yes and no answers
    means the catalytic coverters
    overracting with the undertakers
    policy shift changers relying on
    past mistakes to gain with pain
    great in their mindgames think
    similar thoughts entangled in blooper
    reels of some real
    to pick up the pieces of gauntlet
    to keep the stag nation baying at
    some moondust...
  7. Eye

    09/18/09 21:56:46 | 0 Comments

    wonder why some stars so shine
    and catch the nightedge laughing dry
    in mirror'd form or clandestine myopia
  8. How do you chase away those blues?

    09/18/09 16:47:26 | 0 Comments

    It is not called the pursuit of sadness, cause at times it seems that sadness is the pursuer. And it is in those times of sadness that happiness is most in need to be chased, and yet the energy that it takes to catch it, is often sapped away by some melancholy that has come one's way. What to do? How do you chase away those blues? One might try and start with a song. Bye Bye Blackbird Pack up all my cares and woes, here I go Bye Bye Blackbird Or think upon the Laurel Tree ...
  9. your butterfly wings brushing...

    08/21/09 20:42:29 | 0 Comments

    your butterfly wings brushing...against your hot breath
    that flows in an instant and reaches my lips
    that reach out in a puckered wet release
    back the way it come in the very same instant
    karmic payoff
    getting off then jumping on and in
    no waiting for reincarnated bees buzzing their brains out
    squeeze tight hold tight

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  10. Something Is Afoot

    08/03/09 05:34:57 | 0 Comments

    Things Are Afoot by Glen Wells Prologue to an Aunty Ex-con "Things are afoot dear Watson." 'What makes you so sure?' "An elaborate ruse on a global scale, for what purpose?" 'Pacification.' "Possibly, still something is happening, popular demand is growing." 'The customer is always right.' "Certain ones, to be sure." 'Are you one?' "Me? You know me all too...

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