Husky Rescue

ok. this is as a good a place as any. has been for awhile and just getting better, why even some not all that bad stuff wasn't really bad, has any one been harmed by squiggly marks seen here, feelings bruised to a point of hemorrhaging or needing tracheotomies? has anyone danced off these pages seeking violence for some perceived offense to the detriment of daily living in a gravitational well?
no. ok. that's good to hear. so, some might be looking for some confirmation that some good feelings, thoughts and ideas about a future one might want to engage with, on a fairly personnel and general level, is not being unduly sophistical and just getting on a fantastical unreality, when your dreams can't relate, to waking states, there lies some potential for disappointment and alienation, too much disconnect for waking lives that may occur at least a third of a day, more or less may not really want to waste a minute of time, drudgery is getting asked to do the same boring useless thing more than once. Shame, shame, self-awared and tied to a chair, seems to be taking it all in stride just because a bright future was so appealing and enough stuff came so close like the first and last time some magic seemed to arrive with a smile built for two...three...four...who do we appreciate?
then you can ask when does violence take a break, this is their bliss taught from an early grave, missing role model, a myth born of super strength taller than a short one can believe, giants, they walked like giants, towering above some low hung clouds drenched in snowballs falling like torrents from an unreachable sky?
so, there, a future never waits for others to remove themselves just to satisfy your little perfected agency, the obtuse policy of none but the brave need to apply themselves their best case scenes, scenarios, optimal prime, a gamblers retreat where odds are stacked so favorably you gotta wonder, who beyond the curtain cares to stop kidding long enough to let one cash those chips before they go retro and move like silicon down your gullet, bells and whistles announcing another big winner, where losers have not chance for nothing like success to make for a rosy dawn.
Warring for fun, kid you not, its like peak experience, never felt so alive when they killed and died, back home where zombead living, living? Sealing wax has more action. nothing to do, nowhere to do it, so, we laugh them off, it only stings a little, maybe your little or older brother got caught in real life dramas of hunt and fish, get eaten right with the buffet line. sympathy? got that much time to spare, or any inclination to forge ahead of darkness that seems just as inevitable has a single male liquid that burns cool and head don't spin so much that throwing up seems par for a natural life, right of passage. History is bunk.
I heard that one.

OK fiction hours meanders on. tech report? trends met by traditions, battle for hearts and minds, think that struggle will not force a principle or two. ready to negotiate some off planet mining colony for futurists, ransom your free source infidels to a post, will payment come in spades, raids or Tourista luggage?
well, there are other sides who think they keepers of some grand design. serious fucks with important business plans, thinks new markets are a key to profit and bonus enhancements, private jets segue to little space ship runabouts, all horribly screwed again.
oh my god...
and I'm a dyed in the wool optimist, a hope springs eternal natural mid-20th century enthusiast.mostly. dark clouds of Mordor, darkest just after dawn. only eternal fires burn from c control burn. now look what's been done.
Two Towers.
Multiplicity includes all defaults.
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