Things Are Afoot

by Glen Wells

Prologue to an Aunty Ex-con

"Things are afoot dear Watson."

'What makes you so sure?'

"An elaborate ruse on a global scale, for what purpose?"


"Possibly, still something is happening, popular demand is growing."

'The customer is always right.'

"Certain ones, to be sure."

'Are you one?'

"Me? You know me all too well."

'You're as much a mystery as any, sometimes more. But yes I know you well enough to know. A stout hearted fellow, with keen observation, that serves your 'clients', usually in a satisfactory way.'

"Alas, all too temporary, many seem to draw their dilemmas, as much as their antagonist do."

'Speaking of antagonist, you said you'd share Professor Moriarty's private message.'

"Ah, yes. Should I recite or do you wish to peruse the missive yourself?"

'I'd like the opportunity to examine the handwriting.'

"Test your new found skills?"

'Please Mr. Holmes, I merely read a book on hand writing analysis.'

"I await your considered assessment."

She lifts the moon,

To show a room,

Where Heaven is made real,

There is touch to awake,

And dawn for our sake,

Making memories to keep.


'I believe his pen is running out of ink.'

"Yes, it is rather sketchy."

Ahem.....should anyone care to take a stab at deciphering Moriarty's cryptic code.

It would seem that 'for our sake' refers to Holmes and the Professor, as for the rest it might be any one's guess.

Prizes awarded for all intrepid entries. Expect some fin, parcel post pending passing inspection.

Quantum Mechanics Explained: The Novel you've been waiting for...

1 Chapter

It's about light. Is it a wave or a particle? Its speed can be measured, about 186,000 miles per second, but not its position, actually a light's place is between its source to where it might be absorbed and where it goes to change, although it can also be reflected, even right back where it came from. Some have called light a wavicle, some a duality.

Actually a wave can be divided or separated into little individual bits and particles can be strung together to be a standing wave, kind of like standing at attention or just having some, like the guards at Buckingham Palace. But when not held taut and the ends, point of departure and arrival, or even just one end are left loose, then light can be like a whip or trampoline, flying spaghetti, a very versatile and creative dance, can be loopy and maybe even soupy, it helps, some say catalyze, a leaf make chloroform, some skin make Vitamin D. Light can make hot, why it even helps make cold. So duality I see as a narrow, limited view, a little like tunnel vision, where light is a multiplicity, providing a wide angle view, both minute and large, illuminates and sedates by its absence. Alas, this explanation is but a tip of an ice berg, what lies hidden deep or far is a lucky ones guess, educated or not, bursting forth like a fountain of youth, spraying gifts to those who catch, burning off a mid-day cloud, raining down to furrowed ground, heating pools on a lazy afternoon, and while sipping a mint julep or two, wonder at that leaf made green, wave a grand hello and say thank you.


"Interesting. : )

I would make a very poor sleuth.

Moriarty's message leaves me clueless.

I trust the story will reveal its meaning (?)"



Without excuse all replies can not help but reveal a puzzle piece.

S: Interesting. : )

I would make a very poor sleuth. = Moriarty has made a poor substitute for Holmes

Moriarty's message leaves me clueless. = Moriarty's plan is to kidnap Holmes leaving Watson with an inept Holmes look-alike.

I trust the story will reveal its meaning (?)= It will be up to Watson now.

Moriarty's next clue: less is more

2 Chapter

At what point if any does diffusion take over and breaks or loses connections of a network?


To the one man who said no

Let this be our final battleground

My bones are weary, my tongue-tied to a post

I have not the words to say you are welcome

My ghost has given up the toast

To a town that never sleeps

It's free now thanks to me

*you may know by now you and Watson are writing the story now.

and Moriarty?

Well, as usual he's up to no good, but at least I hear he is keeping Holmes comfortable and well fed.

He's civil to a point, but honestly he's not right in the head, the kind of thinking that says one must destroy in order to save.

It seems that 'a town that never sleeps' might be New York City, at least a place to start.

Watson is boarding a jet and for the first time has gotten feelings of mistrust toward of all people his most loyal and true friend.

Not-Holmes is making full use of the drink cart and has been babbling about what Broadway show they should see first when they arrive and then suddenly launches into a weird tale about a visit to what appears to be a dentist.

A Thin Disguise

I couldn't help but think that the German accent was a fake one and it was all an elaborate joke, except I wasn't laughing.

"You are lying!"

"I haven't said anything."

"With your eyes."

"Lying eyes, mum. How does one lie with their eyes?"

"If you could see them, it would be obvious, but don't bother looking in a mirror. Mirrors are liars too."

"How is it obvious?"

The fake German accent's assistant made a small cough to gain my attention.

"He tells everyone that their eyes lie. It's not like eyes can tell the truth."

"You mean like looks can't really kill."

"Well, not like daggers shooting out, but I've seen thunderbolts."

"Thunderbolts, is that a tongue I see, through those soft parted lips, lying? Who has thunderbolts flying out their lyin' eyes?"

"Thor, of course."

"Of course."

"Enough of your chit chattery chat, open wide, show me if your gums are in cahoots with your lying eyes."

"Gums? How can gums lie?"

"Oh please, grow up or something, it's not your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, teeth or lips that does the lying

(The German accent places two absurdly large hands on either side of my head), it's inside here, somewhere in the

Mysterious folds of your brain, at this precise moment, you are, unbeknown to yourself of course, concocting new and improved, devious and impervious, beautiful and exquisite lies, glorious and impenetrable, ever striving for new pinnacles of misconception."

"And no doubt you are doing the same."

"Of course."

The assistant has started to play with my feet.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"You can't tell? I'm playing with your feet, rather petite feet I may add."

"You may not add, subtract or otherwise co-mingle with my feet! Is this all some sort of elaborate joke?"

I started laughing; my feet are really quite ticklish. The assistant seemed to grow tired or bored and wandered off, leaving my feet dangling, bereft of feathery touch, somewhat solemn now. The German accent has his back turned to me and seemed to be calibrating some sort of strange unwieldy mechanical device, who's purpose could certainly not bode well for me, perhaps now would be an opportune time to make my escape, but the accent suddenly turned with that thought.

"Escape won't be necessary. This machine merely measures certain brain waves that have previously gone undetected. No harm will come to you. I took an oath."

"Wow, that's great; it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Tuck me in? What are these previously undetected brain waves?

"The lying waves, of course."

"Of course, how about you, seen any thunderbolts lately?"

"Normally Thor is quite pleasant, a hair-trigger on the temper though."

"Normally and Thor should not follow each other in the same sentence."

"What?" Oh, I see. Thor is part of our defense perimeter. Thor is a robotic sentinel with laser armaments."

"Actually, that's kind of a relief."

"You might not say that if you heard its programmer complain about not all the bugs have been worked out."

"Great. May I leave now?"

Letter opened

I want you to believe that I don't want you to believe what you don't want to believe, and vice versa. It sounds silly when it's put that way, as I have no choice to believe otherwise. "...yes, there's no getting away from it."

Whatever happened to where there's a will there's away?

I would agree that will alone is not enough, but coupled with ability and whatever else is needed, in some sense it might not get past planning stages, brainstorming sessions, where the main topic remains unresolved, but side effects, byproducts and the like flourish in an atmosphere of searching

for answers, solutions and possibilities, this particular 'barrier' may prove to be not so intractable as others that have fallen, been modified, work around in some manner, and the repeatability of something which is only sometimes wholly desirable, onetime events, a singular sensation may occur that truly rocks a world, such as this.

But there does appear to be some trying to avoid and or simply neglecting to believe anything. Sounds like you might be encouraging one to not try, as for it's a waste that squanders attention to actual 'doable' stuff, if there's even that option available. On the other hand, you have these 'guns', so to speak, and you are sticking to them.

And does one have to have it incorrect for you to have to have to express the concept that 'this is as it is and there are no other options?

What are the results of not defying and defying laws that are more mutable than you seem to expect?

Expression of opinions more for the sake of discussion and not meant to over step my interpretive powers, if there be any at all, more as advocate for exploration and experimentation.

Running into barriers, will stop one in their tracks, but still that does not say that nothing is left to learn and discover from smashing things together, even near misses and glancing blows might be revealing of novel behavior.

Here's a recent quote that 'caught' my attention,

"It appears that the anti-viral Tamiflu was successful in treating and preventing the current novelflu symptoms."

'It appears' is a qualifier that addresses a fact that not all cases are the same or as predictable as others, in this case for example, that there are exceptions and perhaps that exceptions are not necessarily proof of a rule. 'It appears' allows possibilities of other factors contributing to the success and or failure of a given remedy.

Since the synergistic concept appears to be at work in the universe at large, the over-all ecology of individuals come together, drift apart, travel different paths towards a future that may never lose the heat that can not quite be gotten away from.

"Super massive black holes, such as Sagittarius A*, located at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy, radiate their heat very slowly, meaning such objects will linger in the cosmos long after the light from the smallest star has burned out, trillions of years from now."

Hawking's famously sharp wit, not to mention the tabloid headlines, have worked against a remote image. "We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special," he once said in a typically pungent observation mixing the mundane and the marvelous.


"I grasp the fundamentals here, - We already know that Moriarty has absconded Holmes. We need plot movement here.

"But I have to say that flashes of enlightenment are eluding me." - Yes, we know, in the dark recesses of the Professor's mind some evil doing is about to burst upon the scene. Coney Island perhaps, they have fireworks I think.

"In fact, they seem to be fleeing from me even as I approach them." - Yes, Watson and fake Holmes are landing at LaGuardia and the only available Broadway tickets are for 'It Happened One Night'."


Not all is Arbitrary and Contrived

3 Chapter

"He is not afraid to slice or dice " - Holmes

"If math is a digital process of time overlaid on space,"

>it isn't.

>"the math always falls short of fully describing space,"

>doesn't matter.

>"due to Godel's theorem."

>who cares, Godel sure doesn't.

It's okay to build on Godel but to just let it lay there incomplete, is just wrong on just a simple level of finish what you start, without closure the open universe would never close, unless you weren't aiming to close it down or anything. You want to keep it open, right?

>"Statistical interactions of atoms and electrons as representative of space will always tend toward randomness as each interaction increases the uncertainty of restoring the past action of each molecule."

>Why always, why tend, how long actually, how much tend exactly? Who's freaking will? Yours? A neighbor? Oh atoms are willful reps on a mission. Got it. An observed fact is limited to conditions that don't change. Change conditions and observers, may tend at least once to alter tendency, frequency and the next report that is due, following the last report that essentially had nothing new to report, only now there is something new to report, but the new reporter is not being listened to so much cause the last reporter had nothing new to report and after hearing the same old non-news over and over again it was thought of not much interest at the time of something new to report but still poorly understood due to its meagerness of change and mostly just a lack of attention and of course the most important factor that decides what WILL happen, popular demand.

<"Measurement always tends toward uncertainty."

>see above.

<"Measuring one aspect causes loss of ability to measure its complement, and the more precisely we measure one, the more uncertain and imprecise the other becomes."

>Mmmm, seems to be saying they can't be measured together, but can be measured separately, but if they could be measured together they would double their pleasure or something and that sounds very popular indeed. But actually the separate measurements wouldn't actually change if they were measured together, cause they were already going as fast as they could and smashing pumpkins has born this out, not convincingly, but that would be inside a point of contention, if in fact there was something to contend with.

<"It is not likely that "God" emerges from the math, since math increases uncertainty. "God" is a kind of distillation, a probable existence that emerges supposedly unchanging from the action of uncertainty."

>and I paraphrase, 'Don't bring God into this, whichever God you are referring to.'

Okay, drag that load of crap in, it looks lonely. God is kind. Agreed. Cruel gods don't bask in robins. God promotes exits in case of fire. Sensible. Pro life and Pro choice. Oops, God is a radically altered mofo who has issues about life and death. But decides at the last moment babies are cute and God definitely does cute to death.

<"But if math breeds uncertainty, which came first, reality or measurement?"

>No......wait, if it's a suit you're looking for, I suggest you measure 3 times then get real down with it."

<"If math is forever incomplete in its attempts to define reality, we can't get there from here."

>Forever is a very long time. You just make it seem longer than it really is. Right, we are not here and we (well one of us) don't want to get there. Objective reality can be a number. Let's just take crazy off the table and call it level of health, it can have a number based on 0(dead( to 100)alive)~, it's accuracy determines how arbitrary and contrived it may be.

Paul was wrong once, otherwise why would he say, "Sorry my mistake."

...and then there was that other time he was overheard to remark, "Pardon me."

I'm trying to set an example on how great ideas are ridiculed, then misunderstood, then finally accepted, often long after the poor great idea guy up and died, Health and Happiness to all.

*No-Holmes is barred from Broadway, making a drunken ruckus, ever dutiful Watson escorts his not-friend to the Waldorf Astoria for some restful and sobering sleep.


"Well, I see this is going somewhere, but where? To the Grand Caymans, perhaps, or Philadelphia if Moriarty is as cracked as the Liberty Bell. God is certainty. The uncertainty is which certainty He is. Some would say that math can't lead to God because math is about finite concepts and God is infinite. Math doesn't handle infinite with aplomb. If you combine infinity with affinity in any mathematical operation, the affinite part either blows up beyond all measurement or shrinks beyond same. The only exception is zero. Zero multiplied by infinity is still zero. There are those who would say that this is how man is able to perceive God - by bringing the infinite down to his level. It's a good thing that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle doesn't apply to police work. "Well, chief, we can tell you where Fingers McGrabby is, or we can tell you where he's been and what he's been up to. We can't do both." Surely Moriarty doesn't think this principle of quantum physics will keep Watson off his tail in the macro world?"



Excellent BF, solid linguistics that prepares a path, Philly may be only a sidetrack for the not yet kicked sidekick, who has gone got exceedingly ticked off. Grand Caymans, yes, has Moriarty finally succumbed to a financial excuse for his nefarious acts? Next to the Bell, the Professor is positively 4th Street where disaster awaits at every corner, not for himself, no, others are targeted with esoteric folds of cause and affects that reverberate through past perceived and imagined slights of inattention to detail. There's a point thought ceases to make sense and Moriarty plows ahead anyway, as if God was waiting for no particular reason.


BF, 4 Chapter may not anticipate all your ramifications, but where there's a will there's.......uh....4 Chapter.

The Conversation eventually lags

4 Chapter

<Mr. Holmes do I have a first name?

>Most do.

<I am not most.


<Can YOU recall?

>I thought it Charles, but truthfully I am not sure.

<Nor I, it is troubling.

>A rare thing for you I suspect.

<Yes, of course and just as rare that you would suspect and not deduce, are you slipping Mr. Holmes?

>My bonds are preventing that at the moment.

<They are not chafing I trust.

>See for yourself, besides you know they are not, you have seen to that.

<Are you getting Charles from that Trek thing?

>Again Professor, you know I am not. What is a Trek thing?

<No matter. We both know where the name comes from, Charles sounds familiar, I may take a new name nevertheless.

>Don't you mean who instead of where.

<Who, where, when, why,what, how, it is a bit confusing.

>Just a bit? If anything can be made of it.....

<Do go on Mr. Holmes, say it.


<Exactly, to be made fictional, quite absurd....and frustrating.

>Frustrating? Why that?

<I do not feel fictional.

>You imagine that you are real, possessor of free will perhaps.

<Are you making a joke Mr. Holmes?

>If I am, it is a joke on the both of us.

<And yet you seem your normal self, except for a slip of the tongue. Have you truly ever suspected anything? Always so logical, reasonable, using deduction as if it a magic wand.

>There is nothing remotely magical about what I do. Or did as the case my now is.

<Pessimism Holmes, not like you at all? Now I suspect my switch was switched, a double cross so to speak.

>More riddles Professor. I fear for your sanity Charles, if that even be your name.

<We should ask him?

>WE are not a we. I am me and you are a madman who does not know his own name, clearly someone in need of medical attention.

<You have avoided my question. Is your fear misplaced? Might you have doubts as well?

>I often entertain various scenarios, not to be confused with doubts. I surmise that you were referring to that Doyle fellow.

<Yes, A. Conan. Curious name.

<You are by far the more curious one. Perhaps your true first name is just as I call you. Professor, a name you gave yourself, and not a duly earned honorific.

<MISTER HOLMES! An insult? I am shocked, amazed even. Perhaps the food I have so generously provided you was tainted with some mind altering poison.

>My faculties are in tact, although I admit this confinement has me some what stumped. Means and opportunity has always been at best an inconvenience. It is motivation; I think that may have changed. Revenge is your usual excuse, for those that have slighted you, thwarted you, denied you, what all can only be imagined by a mind such as yours.

<A speech Mr. Holmes, I only wish your discouraging words could be heard by your ever faithful sidekick.

>Sidekick? I fail to grasp your meaning. Whose side am I kicking? You have not harmed Watson have you?

<Me? No. However I would not hazard a guess as to what my foil Paul is capable of.

>I see.

<Oh please Holmes, do explain what you have so uniquely seen.

>You have no doubt sent Watson on a chase, with your typically arcane penchant for secrecy, deception and perversity.

<Your insults and scorn suggest your previously unbreakable facade is starting to falter, might I lower the room temperature. Are you feeling feverish Mr. Holmes?

>I begin to feel, as you put it, quite put upon.

<And put out too I predict.

Indeedy do. A sleeping concoction Moriarty had prepared begins its effects and sooner than even Holmes could realize, he was out like a.....

*****I'd go dyelexic, but not-I calculatte..sipping on a sponge

a code defied, wanton left leaving.


so, maybe not an exodus.

just another land rush



The foil Paul (pc not-Holmes) may not so foilable after all.

*****Of course the name is James. What the dickens was I thinking? James Charles Moriarty?

An alternative history

Holmes described Moriarty as follows:

"He is a man of good birth and excellent education, endowed by nature with a phenomenal mathematical faculty. At the age of twenty-one he wrote A Treatise on the Binomial Theorem, which has had a European vogue. On the strength of it he won the mathematical chair at one of our smaller universities, and had, to all appearances, a most brilliant career before him.

But the man had hereditary tendencies of the most diabolical kind. A criminal strain ran in his blood, which, instead of being modified, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental powers. Dark rumours gathered round him in the University town, and eventually he was compelled to resign his chair and come down to London..."

-Holmes, "The Final Problem"


"I'm more used to seeing restraints called bonds than bounds. A gap in my knowledge, perhaps, or does such a verbal slip means Holmes is already affected? How much of this conversation with Moriarty can be taken at face value - not knowing his own name? Very strange! So, Moriarty is aware of he also aware of MacGyver? If not, he may have forgotten to relieve Holmes of any stray bits of thread and toothpicks, paper clips, and the like - and likewise clear the room. Such a miscue might be fatal to his plans - if he has any beyond giving Holmes a hard time. The best plan, no matter how meticulous, always has a flaw. The key, my dear Watson, is to find that flaw and exploit it. Moriarty's location may not be known at present, but with Holmes out cold we can deduce that wherever he's going it will be slowly - unless the prof has porters."



As I recall it is bound and gagged, not bond and gagged.

Holmes is already affected?

Yes he was and is, aery affective, as in assuming many affectations. No matter the how of creation there is indeed a flaw, hence the call for back-up plans, the flaw solver.

"So, Moriarty is aware of he also aware of MacGyver?

At least two Next gen tales featured a somewhat reformed Moriarty, and egomaniacs like James or even Charles are drawn to all of their depictions, most likely to complain how wrong they got it. MacGyver or Colonel O'Neil will not draw such attention for their heroic actions."


Speaking of porters....

"Never let a waiter escape. What I'm urging on you here is manners: don't ignore the poor bastard while you hold him prisoner. Remember, he can do that to you later by withholding the bill". - Larry Niven

Try walking out and the wait might be over.


"Bound and gagged, yes. However, when referring to the restraints holding one, as a unit, the word is bonds: "I AM bound, as you know, and my bonds prevent my attending to that little detail". I don't always pick on things like that, but I nearly always notice them, and sometimes my brain kicks up such a fuss that it's easier to go ahead and mention it than to endure the ranting. Holmes would likely understand."



I appreciate the 'correction', the interactive aspect is proving to be a very effective ruse:) indeed. Thanks. BF

Holmes would, or does when not comatoast:)

edit completed.


"Comatoast? I think I'm being baited here, but sure: I'll have a slice, with mutter butter and thought jam."



Just beware the escapegoat.

James Joyce and Thomas Pynchon two punny writers, one still, the other real, but it seems he disappeared.

Does j.d. Salinger live? Yes, we think well or unknown.

Salinger's daughter Margaret's brother Matt discredited her memoir in a letter to The New York Observer. He disparaged his sister's "Gothic tales of our supposed childhood" and stated: "I can't say with any authority that she is consciously making anything up. I just know that I grew up in a very different house, with two very different parents from those my sister describes."

Yes, yet another string of code, not 0 or 1, neither, either nor; a 1 and 0, digitally mastered in parallel quantum computer.

Strange times indeed. Is that your experience too? One may only wish it so perhaps. How does the other half live? Well? One has hopes of reconciliation, or some more butter and jam.

It's History night. Pynchon to look forward to. Another disappointing lose is taken too hard or just not easy, take it.

And is it also true from a Socratic pov, that Greek gods died in obscurity or from being so obscure. It may be revealed that not only they can be blamed, in point of fact(?) not at all. The lack of cogent follow-up questions for reasonable clarification simply did not come, based on impatience I guess and foolish know-it-alls, at least wannabes.

Good night, sweet princesses and princes of New England and all points before and beyond.

Glen I've read the first 2 parts but my feeble brain is running amok at this late hour. Will read some more tomorrow.



#18 [-]

my feeble brain is running amok- Between here and all points southeasterly, hope that Moriarty doesn't stray too far west on the way to the Caymans.

at this late hour. - meanwhile a few clicks in either direction its later than one can think and too soon to worry much about it.

Will read some more tomorrow. - well slow boats to China might be faster. I wonder how Watson is faring?

Horseshoes, hand grenades and claymores. #20 [-]


Where Holmes and Moriarty pass the time on a slow boat to the ain't it Grand Caymans and discuss some science, that they might not fully understand.



"any axiomatic formulation contains undecidable propositions."


"All axiomatic formulations of number theory contain undecidable propositions."

<=(?) axiomatic formulations of number theory contain undecidable propositions.

<Decide that any is included in all.

Decide that all is included in any.

or decide that:

One axiomatic formulation of intentionally blank contains one decidable proposition.



"Who knows, and who can know?"

<What did one intuitive ask another other intuitive?

"Am I wrong (to be hard)."


But lets' say another intuitive lied to the one intuitive and gave an incorrect answer, cause sometimes it's hard to be hard, but they don't want to be soft either, so that they let some slide or wait for one to stop asking that question and move on to something that is more easily decidable and some agreements can be reached that way that don't demand hard or soft lies and incorrectness. So, we are back to lighten up and seriously take it, take it easy.

Not hard. Not soft. Agree?

As has been stated elsewhere, close doesn't count except for exceptions that prove a rule.

(Can they be added to?

While someone doesn't want to live another life,

they might do so anyway, or so similar that the quibbling is mooted, and the mutables live on and on....Eternally....wtfc?

Meanwhile...are hand grenades and claymores similar?


Are they the same?


Yes, one can substitute for the other in a pinch, act in its place, get left behind, enlarged (to even ridiculous and absurd dimensions) and dismantled and put back where it was found, or even just put to different action. Decide, or another may, sometimes will decide without even asking, "Am I wrong?"

"I find it a little disjointed. Result of the format I suppose."


"Was just looking over the continuing comments and also the insertion of chapters as comments.

I did track down the photograph of Viktor Yevgrafov on Answers. Com and the text written there. It made for interesting reading and also the biography on Wikipedia."


Only a little?

"I find it a little disjointed." - With Watson and Holmes separated, each more concerned with the other than themselves, one unconscious at sea and the other faced with disposing of a face, as well as a body, what happens next determines the entire fate of ....of....of....of what happens next.

"Result of the format I suppose." -Of course we are seeking deduction, if it arrives through supposition, then Philadelphia Freedom may ring again. A works in progress that begs more questions than answers, with interjecting digressions, where is the movement to resolution?

Glen I've read it all the way through... it's intriguing but I'm at a loss most of the time. 'll keep reading though and hoping I see the light.



"Was just looking over the continuing comments" - suggestion of a review....edification of clues

"insertion of chapters as comments." - Moriarty is described as a brilliant mathematician, rejected for his failure to tow a imaginary line.

"I did track down the photograph " - Following clues, that lead where?

" the text written there." - action once removed is forgotten. How did they pass the time?

"interesting reading the biography" - It's never about the journey, always about the people adventuring, the journey only variates, the people change and are changed.

"This is an intriguing concept so far, and I remain curious to see where it go. In the meantime, I'll contribute a little-known episode from Holmes' undocumented adventures with Watson:

We join famed detective Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Doctor Watson as they examine a murder scene:

"I say, Holmes, the fellow must be deucedly clever. There's not a single clue to be found."

"To the contrary, my good Watson, examine this ceramic foot and tell me what you see."

"Why, it has lines on it, like roads, and markings for trees, hills and houses. Gad, Holmes! It's a map!"

"Precisely so, Watson. The intent is that we should follow these markings like a treasure map. We are presently at the base of the heel and, if I am not very much mistaken, our destination is marked out on the top of the big toe. We have been presented with a challenge."

"By Gadfrey, Holmes, you don't mean it!"

"Yes, Watson, the killer is playing with us, and a foot is the game. Come, we must waste no time!"


#26 [-]

The plays the thing #27 [-]


I'll have grounds

More relative than this-Shakespeare Quotes

Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King.

When exclaiming "The plays the thing!" we're seldom asked the embarrassing question of what "thing" we mean, exactly. Prince Hamlet, however, has something specific in mind. To elicit visible proof of what a rather visible ghost has told him-that his uncle, King Claudius, murdered his father, the former king-the prince turns playwright. His task: to sneak a few telling lines into a play about regicide his uncle will be watching at court, and to wait for Claudius to flinch. If Hamlet's plan works, he'll be convinced of both the ghost's veracity and the king's guilt and will (theoretically) feel better about paying his uncle back in kind.

The plot is intricate and bizarre, but Hamlet is relying on good, solid Renaissance psychology. Playwrights often claimed that their work encouraged virtue in upstanding citizens and caught the conscience of malefactors. About ten years after the first production of Hamlet, playwright Thomas Heywood edified the reading public with this real-life tale: During the performance of a particularly gruesome tragedy, in which the actors staged the murder of a man by driving a nail through his temple, a woman in the audience rose up distractedly. She "oft sighed out these words: Oh my husband, my husband!" The woman subsequently confessed all and was burned for having murdered her spouse with "a great nail" through "the brain pan."

Pity the poor poet, not

a never starving artist, just might not be trying

or smarter than the typical bear

"Gee Yogi, the ranger won't like it."

...and maybe some rangers will.

Sneaky purview: Where a sense of propriety runs a gamut.

Loyalty to Holmes is sorely tested and testy tempers flare. Does Adrian Monk ring your bell?


"Ah fleeting Spirit! wand'ring Fire,

That long hast warm'd my tender Breast,

Must thou no more this Frame inspire?"

#28 [-]

Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!

You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout

Till you have drenched our steeples, drowned the cocks!

You sulphurous and thought-executing fires,

Vaunt-couriers to oak-cleaving thunderbolts,

Singe my white head! And thou, all-shaking thunder,

Smite flat the thick rotundity o' the world!

Crack nature's moulds, all germens spill at once,

That make ingrateful man!



El Kabong

#29 [-]

"When this eternal substance of my soul

Did live imprison'd in my wanton flesh:

Each in their function serving other's need,

I was a courtier in the Spanish Court.

My name was Don Andrea, my descent

Though not ignoble, yet inferior far

To gracious fortunes of my tender youth:

For there in prime and pride of all my years,

By Duteous service and deserving love,

In secret I possess'd a worthy dame,

Which hight sweet Bel-imperia by name.

But in the harvest of my summer joys,

Death's winter nipp'd the blossoms of my bliss,

Forcing divorce betwixt my love and me.

For in the late conflict with Portingale,

My valour drew me into danger's mouth,

Till life to death made passage through my wounds.

When I was slain, my soul descended straight,

To pass the flowing stream of Acheron:

But churlish Charon, only boatman there,

Said that my rites of burial not perform'd,

I might not sit amongst his passengers.

Ere Sol had slept three nights in Thetis' lap

And slak'd his smoking chariot in her flood:

By Don Horatio our Knight Marshal's son,

My funerals and obsequies were done.

Then was the ferryman of hell content

To pass me over to the slimy strond,

That leads to fell Avernus' ugly waves:

There pleasing Cerberus with honey'd speech,

I pass'd the perils of the foremost porch.

Not far from hence amidst ten thousand souls,

Sat Minos, Aeacus, and Rhadamanth,

To whom no sooner 'gan I make approach,

To crave a passport for my wand'ring ghost:

But Minos in graven leaves of lottery,

Drew forth the manner of my life and death.

'This knight' (quoth he) 'both liv'd and died in love,

And for his love tried fortune of the wars,

And by war's fortune lost both love and life.'

'Why then,' said Aeacus, convey him hence,

To walk with lovers in our fields of love:

And spend the course of everlasting time,

Under green myrtle trees and cypress shades.'

'No, no,' said Rhadamanth, 'It were not well,

With loving souls to place a martialist:

He died in war, and must to martial fields:

Where wounded Hector lives in lasting pain,

And Achilles' myrmidons do scour the plain.'

Then Minos mildest censor of the three,

Made this device to end the difference.

'Send him' (quoth he) 'to our infernal King:

To doom him as best seems his majesty.'

To this effect my passport straight was drawn.

In keeping on my way to Pluto's court,

Through dreadful shades of ever-glooming night,

I saw more sights than thousand tongues can tell,

Or pens can write, or mortal hearts can think.

Three ways there were, that on the right hand side

Was ready way unto the foresaid fields,

Where lovers live, and bloody martialists,

But either sort contain'd within his bounds.

The left hand path declining fearfully,

Was ready downfall to the deepest hell,

Where bloody furies shake their whips of steel,

And poor Ixion turns an endless wheel.

Where userers are chok'd with melting gold,

And wantons are embrac'd with ugly snakes:

And murderers groan with never killing wounds,

And perjur'd wights scalded in boiling lead,

And all foul sins with torments overwhelm'd.

'Twixt these two ways, I trod the middle path,

Which brought me to the fair Elysian green.

In midst whereof there stands a stately tower,

The walls of brass, the gates of adamant.

Here finding Pluto with his Proserpine,

I show'd my passport humbled on my knee.

Whereat fair Proserpine began to smile,

And begg'd that only she might give my doom.

Pluto was pleas'd, and seal'd it with a kiss.

Forthwith (Revenge) she rounded thee in th' ear,

And bad thee lead me through the Gates of Horn,

Where dreams have passage in the silent night.

No sooner had she spoke but we were here,

I wot not how, in twinkling of an eye."

Thomas Kyd,

The Ghost speech from "The Spanish Tragedy".

#30 [-]

Living with Accelerating Change

John Kao notes that the power of a network rises as a function of the "diversity, curiosity, and commitment" of its participants. We seek to maximize diversity, to fan the flames of intellectual curiosity, and to report examples of and opportunities for intellectual and personal commitment.

Together, we can significantly improve the multidisciplinary analysis, understanding, and management of the continually surprising phenomenon of accelerating change.

The various Babel languages relate and obfuscate, I was told say what you mean and mean what you say, all the while not 'being' mean, to task one is a rigorous undertaking especially when not tasking oneself as well. A sonorous lull, speaks of days gone by at a different pace where instant messages took months, perhaps years, the originator of cliff-hangers and serials would drive in and out consciousness.

Vacation time for many. Enjoy the summer like never or as once before. Please.

Thanks for adding your energy and insight to the community!

no white clouds

in my blue skies

jumping on the ether train

in the precipice

no rage livid

with blank desire

school's out

and the song's in tune

devoted memories fade

just as they're meant to do

no dark clouds

in my blue skies


#31 [-]

"Excuse me a moment, Boys.", Nora Charles said as she set down a martini.

That's the phone."




Oh, that's wonderful, Shirley!



It was a November wedding?

How delightful!

Smoked Scottish salmon and caviar and champagne?


In Kent?

Nicky and I spent some time there just last year and The Red Lion had the most wonderful accommodations.

What, you stayed there too?

Isn't the toad in the hole they serve just perfect?

I could have eaten the Shepherd's Pie every day of our stay.

Little Nicky set fire to a haystack one day.


You both got drunk one night and what's that about a tin whistle?


There were some country folk and there was dancing and singing?

You're going where?


A whirlwind tour?

Oh, yes, I understand now.

Oh, Shirley, I'm so happy for you and all of our best.

So unexpected and so delicious.

What's that?

The connection dropped out for a minute.

Oh, you're calling ship to shore?

Yes, I'll certainly tell Nick.

Do have a wonderful time, Shirley."

The Saint said, "Nice fedora by the way."

"I think better with it on.

"Who's Nora speaking to?"

Sounds like one of her girlfriends, Simon.", came the answer as donuts of smoke rings hovered.

Nora's got them all over."

"Good looking as Nora?"

"All of Nora's friends are very good looking and quite well off."

"I'm in between at the time."

"You're always in between, Simon."

"Sugar, who was that?", Nick Charles asked.

"That was Sherlock."


"Now, Darling, you've upset your drink.

Let me freshen it up."

"Where's that Scotch?!

"No water, Simon?"


"What the ....?!"

"They met at Oxford and Shirley said that he just couldn't drag his eyes away from what he called an Amazon.

She refused him four times and she doesn't go by Holmes.

She's Jewish and is working on a book comparing Jewish and Christian beliefs.

Shirley was a little toodled on the phone."

"Where's the gin and tonic?!"

"On the sideboard, Darling."

"I'm out of Scotch, not a drop left.

Where's the Whiskey?!"

"Kentucky Bourbon will have to do, Simon.


Fix me a Brandy Alexander while you're up.

Shirley did have a message for you.

I barely heard him because the connection was going in and out.

He said that there was a pattern forming with the second wife.

He said to take a look at Jekyll and Hyde.

He appears to think that there was some connection to be found there in the behaviour of our suspect."


#32 [-]

"ah i was just watching Basil Rathbone in Dressed To Kill last night - one of the best of his Holmes films!"


#33 [-]

Do we destroy cliches in an effort to remember them?

#34 [-]

"Cliches are very useful tools.

They may be tired and worn out phrases.

They appear to be common enough but yet they do have a use

If I were living in The Catskill Mountains and when thunder sounds, I would say to my companion, "Henry Hudson is playing nine pins."

If I were living in the mountains of the South and a sudden rain came hard in a great down pour, I would say, "That sure was a frog choker, wasn't it?" after a gully washer had happened.

Cliches are a way to communicate on an intimate level because they indicate commonalty among a close knit society.

Cliches are so disdained and yet they needn't be.

Cliches are a part of human speech."


#35 [-]

Cliches are an endless source for points of departure, some may come and go with fashion, even lying fallow for a time and making intermittent comebacks, some unveiling in a thin or not disguise.

Particularly like the exception that proves a rule.


#36 [-]

"I've read about half of it and will come back for more

are you sure your name isn't actually Moriarty?

hasn't he got out of that shuttle craft yet...

hmm, maybe he should meet up with Mark Twain

of course you are undoubedly aware that at no point did Holmes ever actually say "The Game is Afoot!"


well acd wrote something.

moi? arty?

in a way it's drifting, shuttling, that's what they do do, maybe.

we should all be so lucky to meet a twain and mark it as a time to get off a shuttle and walk away.

imageSir Arthur Conan Doyle had Sherlock Holmes quote various renowned personalities in many of his stories. For example, Sherlock Holmes quotes Edgar Allen Poe in two stories.

A Study in Scarlet, Holmes' companion, Dr. Watson, says, "it is simple when you explain. You remind me of Edgar Allan Poe's Dupin. I had no idea that such individuals did exist out of stories." Poe is considered to be the father of the modem detective story.

Holmes says in The Case of the Resident Patient, "you remember that some time ago when I read to you that passage in one of Poe's sketches in which a close reasoner follows the unspoken thoughts of his companion, you were inclined to treat the matter as a tour de force of the author." Later during investigation of The Cardboard Box, Holmes repeated the same thought to Dr. Watson.

imageSherlock Holmes is familiar with the writings of William Shakespeare despite Dr. Watson's assessment that Holmes knowledge of literature is "Nil" (A Study in Scarlet). However, Holmes quoted Shakespeare from 14 of his plays in various cases. One of the most well known expressions [from "The Adventure of the Abbey Grange"] is "Come, Watson, come. The game is afoot." This comes from Henry V, act III, scene 1.

Holmes has a habit of rephrasing several Shakespeare quotes such as, "Thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just" (Henry IV, part 2 act III, scene 2). In the disappearance of Lady Carfax, Holmes states: "Thrice is he armed who hath his quarrel just."

Tension filled the musty room as Professor Moriarty threw six decks of playing cards onto the large oak table. "Sit!" he ordered. "I'm in a sporting mood. We'll play six hands of bridge, and if you go plus on each one, I'll set you free."

imageSherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson had been investigating the theft of the Crown Emerald and were seized by Moriarty's henchmen. They were now being held captive in the basement of the arch villain's home. "And if we don't?" Holmes inquired.

"That's easy, Mr. Holmes. You and your bumbling doctor friend will be my guests for lunch. I've just installed a brand new piranha tank, and the August heat is making the little buggers voracious. Anyone for bridge?"

"Hardly seems fair," Watson grumbled. "I've only played bridge a few times. Can't we make it gin rummy?"

"Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot," instructed Holmes, then he whispered in his friend's ear, "Just bid only minor suits, or double with a good hand. Try to make yourself dummy - that shouldn't be too hard."

"Then, let's begin." Moriarty grinned. "The cards have already been shuffled, so I'll deal each hand to save time. Colonel Moran? I know you're not a bridge player, but sit down as my partner and just pass. Holmes? You sit here on my right." As fate (or the Professor's evil design) would have it, Holmes became declarer on each deal.

Funny to be arch sometimes.

"you actually got me re-reading A Study in Scarlet last night - Holmes doesn't seem to think much of either Poe or his Dupin"


I suppose Holmes stood as an alter-ego of sorts for Conan

but really, Holmes stands alone as literature's greatest detective.

according to my Mary and others, Jessica Fletcher is the World's Most Beloved detector.

Don't know if Adrian Monk is known to you, but he is recognized by some affectionately as the 'Defective Detective'.


theme by Randy Newman

If we are not born to be wild, why, oh why, are we born as a child.

We make it happen

exploding all over the place.

A true nature childe, (in literature), an archaic term referring to a youth of noble birth or a youth in training to be a knight.

never will die.

What may only be a minute,

sometimes seems as a daze,

years rolling into tears without fears,

even the bogeyman cares.

Racing with the Wind,

finding every day an adventure.

Poe, considered by some to be the Father of the detective story, might have sought Sherlock's help in keeping some demons away.

#41 [-]

Why no one is listening with someone talking at...

#42 [-]


Confusion, Hypocrisy & Fear Are Among the Leading Causes

(otherwise while not necessarily smooth sailing, co-operation

of talking with, promotes better listening and improved talking,

some hiccups, stutter steps, bleed through around the edges

word gets done, best hope for sailing into a future sunset, is

working with what is present, front and center.

... so once some dust settles and a 'good thing' gets shook down

and set flying straight, a little fun can be had, at no one in particulars

expense, let the slings and arrows loosed upon a stagy back lot of

celluloid dreams and passion play finesse.

onward goes a show...

it's not Bert and Ernie

or tom and Jerry

definitely not porgy and Bess

neither nick and Nora

wouldn't catch these two together in a room all alone

Holmes and Moriarty


Some of your replies make no sense to me.

You have asked me what i am hearing, from what I say says nothing, I call that silence. dense, thanks,

for shallow I don't play games in debates of any sort,try it something it's fun must be a knew concept to u

here are dangers brain gets expanded and pushes up against walls walls break I don't believe u you must be kidding kid

sounds like you know too much, try getting a clue better than knowing ever was after and before knowing changes

try to keep up keep that's all that is ever done keeping up you fall behind or get so far ahead nothing is set up

Let me explain here James (the original subject).

Presentation is substantial and circumstantial.

I think I see your stance now...but try to drop the poetry long enough for me to be sure I understand.

You want to know

"what about the spoken word as Art?"

Whatever you decide it is I'm sure we all will go along with it

can you wait for me to be the last otherwise quit now and give up

Is that correct?

Why ask you don't really seem to care.

So you Can say we are both artists, but you can not say that poetry is art ,

poetry is art, you're write I can only right it. Say nothing .. art is spoken right again

or even that painting is art for that matter because neither of them are.

There is only Art, and only Art is Art. You can also think of it as in terms of Plato's A=A.

I am art. I am poetry.

does this help at all?

sending money would help, doesn't hurt though . thanks.

It's all pretty boring though what you wrote

me too I suppose.

My concern is that we do not abandon fossil fuel or uranium

But make no mistake reversal of cause and effect is a crime.

one way to insure something never stops occurring is to make it a crime.

What person has vision of something that is not wanted, maybe someone who wants to walk a bit on the wild side to a place that has gone to seed a bit. Every person who has vision looks to see what they want to see. Seeing the vision is not what makes it happen, cause some can see how the vision comes to be as well, seeing the actions of what causes the result. Others see parts, they get together and build tomorrow today, piece by piece,little by little.

The only things that can bring about a Singularity, are a few simple ideas about honor, justice and freedom, if you have trouble filling in some of the other ideas, perhaps a Singularity is not for you, but please check out the wild side, very entertaining, mature audiences suggested. oh hard work and trouble aren't my only friends.

love helps

a lot

until you actually love someone or something

nothing really matters as much as it does after

I have seen the future , live it today in the most important ways

honor justice liberty follows.

Répondez s'il vous plaît


Yes, I took 2 years of French and can't remember any of it.

I recommend 2 years in France, you'll remember the hi-lights,

plus you'll have pictures as reminders.

You still remember Ireland don't you?


aka Eire, named after the Goddess Ériu,

means "fat land" or "land of abundance".

Isn't that an island?

Not always.

A long cold climatic spell prevailed until the end of the last glacial period

about 9,000 years ago,

and most of Ireland was covered with ice.

Sea-levels were lower then, and Ireland, as with its neighbour Britain,

rather than being islands,

were part of a greater continental Europe.

That explains all those British looking rocks I saw.

Ah, you do recall.

Did they have stiff upper lips?

Were they white and pasty?

Actually, they did have white on them - could have been paste.

It was hard to see exactly where the lips were located.

Stiff upper lips are located between a nose and a chin,

a nose below eyes,

a chin above throat,

quite often book ended by ears,

overlapping teeth

and surrounded by cheeks,

sometimes shrouded with hair,

and almost always accompanied with a lower pair,

probably not stiff,

cause I have never heard of stiff lower lips.

surrender now and it will be easier

surrender later and will be harder

take it easy, but take it.

"there is a great series of books (novels) about the adventures of Conan Doyle in his days as apprentice to Dr. Bell upon whom Holmes was based. Cant remember the authors name but quite a few have been serialized on TV and I have them on video."


Tips of an iceberg reveal a mammoth undertaking #44 [-]

The Adventures of Conan Doyle: The Life of the Creator of Sherlock Holmes

by Charles Higham

LibraryThing recommendations

1. Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook by Peter Haining

2. The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by John Dickson Carr

3. The Encyclopaedia Sherlockiana by Jack Tracy

4. Teller of Tales: The Life of Arthur Conan Doyle by Daniel Stashower

5. Naked Is the Best Disguise: The Death and Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes by Samuel Rosenberg

6. Pray always: Prayers and Instructions by Rev. Alphonse Sausen

7. Sherlock Holmes in portrait and profile by Walter Klinefelter

8. The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

9. His Last Bow by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

10. Maps and Legends by Michael Chabon

Imitation may not always be the sincerest form of flattery, but fans a truly growth industry to keep spirits alive by one Sirs inspiration.

And all those human flaws revealed to say, those cases were solved anyway, as feats of clay turned to stony everlasting monuments.

From Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook by Peter Haining

#46 [-]

indeed there are many books about him by numerous authors

i have one called the 9% Solution in which Watson tricks him into going to Vienna, supposedly on the trail of Moriarty but in reality to consult Freud about his cocaine addiction!"


#47 [-]

I read and saw that movie, Nicol Williamson (Holmes), Alan Arkin(Freud) and Robert Duvall(Watson).

Laurence Olivier played the brief role of Professor Moriarty.

My favorite Freud was Mongomery Clift, but Arkin is always good in all he does.

A new Holmes is on the way:

Robert Downey Jr. brings the legendary detective to life as he has never been portrayed before. Jude Law stars as Holmes' trusted colleague, Watson, a doctor and war veteran who is a formidable ally for Sherlock Holmes. Rachel McAdams stars as Irene Adler, the only woman ever to have bested Holmes and who has maintained a tempestuous relationship with the detective. Mark Strong stars as their mysterious new adversary, Blackwood. Kelly Reilly will play Watson's love interest, Mary.

Coming Christmas, 2009.

Looks like a rather younger Holmes than usually seen.

#48 [-]

"Well, my library yielded up the facsimiles of The Strand and with all of the illustrations by Paget.

I really liked Basil Rathbone for he was perfect for the role with his thin features. In real life and working the the British government he often went about disguised.

He did get type cast.

I also like Jeremy Brett. He took over the role with some production company and his features were also suitable. He was a grand actor and also ended up as being type cast in the role of Sherlock.

It was a Granada production and I think that they did falls scene at the beginning.

Then there was the seven percent solution that concerned something that is not family oriented

Doyle got tired of writing Holmes and sure there's information that Holmes is based on his old teacher. Sidney Paget based his drawings of Holmes on his own brother's appearance.

Look, The Strand thought that were hiring Sidney's brother to do the drawings. The guy was pretty famous but somehow there was a mess up and Sidney got the deal instead.

Without Sidney the stories would have been fine enough but Sidney's illustrations, inserted, gave people characters that they could connect to.

They had a visual image and a little sub title underneath.

The one person to ever portray Moriarty as Sidney drew him in the original is that Russian actor that you found, copied and pasted a picture.

Tell me, have you ever read "The Moor"?

It's written by a lady. In it Holmes gets married to a much younger woman and they go back to the hound of the Baskervilles.

It's quite good, especially about the little hedgehog part. The hedgehog is a clue."


How will it end?

Attitude Adoption

It's conceivable that consciousness will survive, perhaps in the form of a disembodied digital intelligence. If so, then someone may still be around to note that the universe, once ablaze with the light of uncountable stars, has become an unimaginably vast, cold, profound dark." - MICHAEL D. LEMONICK

Mill and the tragic side of progress -

All the grand sources, in short, of human suffering are in a great degree, many of them almost entirely, conquerable by human care and effort; and though their removal is grievously slow- though a long succession of generations will perish in the breach before the conquest is completed, and this world becomes all that, if will and knowledge were not wanting, it might easily be made- yet every mind sufficiently intelligent and generous to bear a part, however small and inconspicuous, in the endeavor, will draw a noble enjoyment from the contest itself, which he would not for any bribe in the form of selfish indulgence consent to be without.

Sherlock Holmes' attitude: once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, has got to be true.

Porgy: He said what?

Bess: Nothing is impossible.

Porgy: Are you sure?

Bess: I know what I heard.

Porgy: Tell me again what he said.

Bess: He said it was his job to eliminate the impossible.

Porgy: Was this a paying job?

Bess: He never said, he was well dressed, though he didn't look all that healthy to me, all white and pasty and a bad cough too.

Porgy: Didn't you say he was always with a Doctor?

Bess: I think I said often.

Porgy: But every time you saw him, the Doctor was with him that sounds more than often.

Bess: They were friendly, but I don't think they were that friendly. He said they were colleagues.

Porgy: College guys huh. How old were these men?

Bess: Old enough to know better than to go around telling their ages.

Porgy: I seem to recall you saying something about some professor…

Bess: I ain't rightly sure it was professor or confessor.

Porgy: Don't tell me that these guys are mixed up with Preacher Joe.

Bess: Oh heavens no! Preacher Joe wouldn't give these men the time of day.

Porgy: Well, I ain't one to give ole PJ the sense to even know the time of day.

Bess: Now Porgy don't go putting the Preacher down like that.

Porgy: I know, I know. Lord forgives me. I did see him get out the rain that one time; of course it was probably that lightning that put the fear in him.

Bess: Oh that reminds me of something them fellas told me.

Porgy: What's that?

Bess: The improbable has got to be true.

Porgy: Got to?

Bess: Got to.

Porgy: Well, I got to too.

Bess: Got to what Porgy?

Porgy: Got to get go' in I reckon.

Bess: Yes. I reckon you do, seeing that you're late already.

Porgy: Bess honey I was born late, you done know that's true too.

Bess: Bless you my man, at least you weren't too late.

Porgy: You think we'll be seeing them folks again?

Bess: Never you mind, get along now and you bring me back something special.

Porgy: I do my best, I dos my best.



Ain't there in the comment/post by you.
Now, one of those people who wrote about Holmes, I used to know that writer pretty well. He was in with Christie, Ellingham, Sayers who did the Peter Wimsey novels.
There was some mystery writer's group started by some guy and it was a club and English writers. Some guy by the name of Carr got into it and he was American.
He was considered to be the Master of the Locked Room.
I really like his "The Devil in Velvet".
He truly commits to that write for he's working with Faustus.
I wondered about the fencing stuff until I looked Carr up. Apparently he was a fencing master in real life.
For him to write all of the fencing scenes in "The Devil in Velvet" he couldn't fake the fencing scenes with just book knowledge. They are too accurate for the general reading public.

The Devil in Velvet, first published in 1951, is a detective story by John Dickson Carr. This novel is both a mystery and a historical novel, with elements of the supernatural.

Cambridge Professor of history Nicholas Fenton, in the England of 1925, makes a bargain with the devil and is sent back in time to Restoration London in 1675 to solve a murder that is about to take place, in the body of Sir Nick Fenton. Fenton soon finds himself in love with the intended victim, Sir Nick's wife Lydia, and resolves to alter the course of history by preventing her murder. Fenton's mastery of 20th century swordsmanship makes him a fearsome antagonist in 1675, so much so that he becomes known as "the devil in velvet". Also involved in the action is a woman who has also sold her soul to the devil and travelled back in time, and Fenton finds himself torn between the two women. He must not only solve the approaching murder before it happens, but come to terms with Sir Nick's romantic and political entanglements -- and even void his deal with the devil.

That reminds of a pretty good story involving a fictional Issac Newton.

Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott

Some time travel and ghosts too.


there was a good tv production in UK about 5 years ago - a new Holmes story with Rupert Everett as Holmes, a biy young for me but it was one of the better recent dramatizations for a long time.

Rupert Everett also played in
The Madness of King George as Prince of Wales
Shakespeare in Love as Christopher Marlowe
Stage Beauty as King Charles II
Shrek 2&3 as Prince Charming
and I think maybe I saw
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (2004) as Sherlock Holmes
with Ian Hart as Dr.Watson
The character of Holmes is also somewhat different from previous interpretations, with a ruthless edge that leads him to shoot the main villain at the story's conclusion. Reviews of the drama were generally mixed. "I did feel that this peculiar tale was intended to tickle American tootsies," Nancy Banks-Smith wrote in The Guardian. "The king was announced as "King Edward the Seventh", Dr Watson married a Yankee psychiatrist, the duchess was having an affair with the footman, well, two as it turned out, and the London fog never lifted."

In November 1903, young women are being killed in London, each with a silk stocking shoved down her throat. Watson seeks help from the retired and bored Holmes, who determines that the victims are well-born ladies, not prostitutes. Evidence found include a thumbprint, a pair of ladies' dancing shoes, broken glass, a strong smell of chloroform, and a silk stocking removed from a victim's gullet. It seems the killer has a foot fetish. Holmes suspects the killer has an identical twin, and that the real killer is still on the loose.

Not exactly droll.

Yes that was it
King George was a good film

i also have another recent one but its difficult to follow as its all in Thai!

arr considered "The Devil in Velvet" his best work of all.
I had to do an inter-library loan request to get to read the book again.
I had to wait about four days until a paperback showed up from Nashville, Tennessee.

I used to fence...still got my mask with the wire mesh and my epee with its' French grip.
Carr used his own fencing knowledge for what he considered his best, researched the period, found old dictionaries for the cant phrases used; even supplied a bibliography at the end and so must more. He provided source material for his readers so that they could go farther in a period.
Sure, the devil in velvet is Nick.
Every time Nick popped out it was because of anger and rge, emotions which are difficult to suppress.

"John Dickson Carr (alias Carter Dickson, alias Carr Dickson, alias Roger Fairbairn) was perhaps the greatest deviser of murderous plots, of titanic misdirection, of surprising villains, of impossible murders, of supernatural atmospheres, of frightening and fantastic characters, and of high comedy cheek-by-jowl with passages of spine-chilling terror. His series detectives were the Chestertonian Dr. Gideon Fell; the loud and irascible Sir Henry Merrivale, based on Mycroft Holmes with a dash of Winston Churchill; and the Satanic Henri Bencolin."

Any habit that is easy to break is not really a habit, but simply a passing fancy.

Lost in a mysterious universe
which is the way it really is
brains just like to fill in the blanks with things they're familiar with
didn't expect anybody to take that literally!
Because you see what you believe you'll see
what can you doubt?
When all are free to make their own determination
tripping the wire is no longer an accident


1. By what name do you call yourself?
2. What land/sea/sky scape is most meaningful to you?
3. What is your quest?
4. What color do you see when you think "color"?
5. Name five popular artists and give your instant opinion.
6. What book/song/film most haunts you?
7. If you were totally cut off from all humanity, with whom would you want your one telepathic link?
8. If you discovered a new celestial object, what would you name it?
9. Favorite childhood heroic character:
10. How do you get your news?
11. With what non-human animal do you most identify?
12. In the chilly hours and minutes of uncertainty, what image most easily calms you?
13. What face do you put on to face your fears?


1. By what name do you call yourself?
2. What land/sea/sky scape is most meaningful to you?
The one I'm looking at, moment to moment.
dappled light on water
trees swaying
the ever surrounding space
3. What is your quest?
close enough to touch
4. What color do you see when you think "color"?
5. Name five popular artists and give your instant opinion.
Van Gogh, insightful. Maugham, breaking molds.
6. What book/song/film most haunts you?
The Exorcist.
briefly, no more
7. If you were totally cut off from all humanity, with whom would you want your one telepathic link?
Shirley MacLaine.
8. If you discovered a new celestial object, what would you name it?
9. Favorite childhood heroic character:
Sherlock Holmes
10. How do you get your news?
By witnessing it.
11. With what non-human animal do you most identify?
12. In the chilly hours and minutes of uncertainty, what image most easily calms you?
13. What face do you put on to face your fears?
A look of surprise ()
wonder <>
raised eyebrows ^^
awe shucks ##
and the one I laugh with(image)==||==/

Just popping in.
Since this whole posting and comments and then inclusion of writing began with Holmes in a way
Hummm, my last comment concerned a certain character that John D. Carr used for a series of books.
Did you miss that he was modeling Mycroft who appears infrequently in the stories of Doyle.
He's Sherlock's older brother.
He's a big guy physically, disguises himself as a cab driver to get Watson to one of Sherlock's secret places
Let's see here.
We suddenly have Mycroft Holmes, the head of a secret section of government. He works in the background and assists his younger brother at times.
Just who did Mycroft Holmes become given the talents of a writer, who was by, all accounts, a spy for the British government.
There is Mycroft who sits in an office and runs a spider network. A background figure and not one much used by Doyle
Well, Mycroft evolves. His first name is lost but the first letter of it is retained.
Mycroft Holmes becomes "M" due to Ian Fleming.
I so enjoy conversing with you.
And are your answers to your questions true?

all answers true, yet incomplete, sometimes it's warren beatty, sometimes faye dunaway, shirley cause in theory she would be in contact with a host of others and a party would sure to break out with fun had by all.

actually and truthfully the answers are just a tip of an unfrozen bit of water and a few dozens of chemicals and memorabilia.

Vincent and his brother Theo's letters, the Irving Stone bio, 'Lust for Life' and the movie with Kirk Douglas as well as Don McLean's song all are vital to any conception I have of art. In sight of mine eyes.
also Philip K. Dick and e.e. cummings. Although I now say 'Love with Life' would make a very good title too.

Possessing deductive powers exceeding even those of his younger brother, Mycroft is nonetheless incapable of performing detective work similar to that of Sherlock since he is unwilling to put in the physical effort necessary to bring cases to their conclusions.

...he has no ambition and no energy. He will not even go out of his way to verify his own solutions, and would rather be considered wrong than take the trouble to prove himself right. Again and again I have taken a problem to him, and have received an explanation which has afterwards proved to be the correct one. And yet he was absolutely incapable of working out the practical points...

- Sherlock Holmes, speaking of his brother in "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter

"Well, I like conversing with you in this manner. You present things and I pick on certain aspects in your extended comments.
You are very convoluted in such replies but you have a style which invites thought and consideration too.
Of course, Ian's "M" character is based on a real person from his own personal life. The real life guy was head of a spy system and Fleming worked for the guy.
Mycroft Holmes is so unstated a character and when writers of a spy genre, given that they know about Mycroft, will pull him out.
Mycroft isn't physically active.
He's like a big old spider who has webs cast out while he sits, reads communications from operatives, some of whom are so deeply imbedded into an enemies territory that they can't be wiggled out.
Do you really want Mycroft here?
What happens in Mycroft's office?"
'You say that you have no family ties, are an orphan.
If you chose to take on this mission and you are caught there will be no aid from this office.'
"Yes, I really do like you, gawell, or I would not have continued making comments that you could fly off of.
You are very refreshing to this mind of mine. You mostly certainly skip around as if you are playing hopscotch.
You don't happen to play the board game known as Chess, do you?
And make no mistake about the usage of those interior quotation marks surrounding Mycroft's speech."

I have played chess, badly. And checkers too, which my Father beat me regularly, scrabble now, that's a real board game that I can get into, along with crossword puzzles, anything that add to the vocabulary.

I did write a tribute to Bobby Fischer:

Look upon this chessboard, or some other name of choosing/naming/what
were to be a queen/king, does not or will make it so, of playing/naming/who
or pawn, perhaps even a disguised one at that, masking/naming/why
pieces fit, rain or explain a strategy that can not, will not, then losing/naming/how
field of play, of battlefield, no crematoriums, just some memorabilia lasting/naming/where
that is somehow everything, not
here in and out of earth/ocean
everything is and not
metaphor, then dead metaphor and finally mixed metaphor
inconsistent or incongruous
what, the question most asked of this
what would it be to be consistent and congruous?
bored to hell or some such palace made
in shared collapse

OOps this got left out: june 26th, early 21st century

We interrupt this show to bring a special Bulletin

Where the mystery of Holmes disappearance is thrown off the front pages and curious happenings abound,
as well as bind and bond.) {excuse #99, sorry for the garbled messages, it seems the gargle is laced, tight,
air flow hindered and heat risen without a vent to spare.:}

CALLING ALL SHIPS AT SEA!!!!........and ports, dry docks, canals rivers, creeks etc. shipyards, garages and tugboat Annies.

"Tomorrow we will deliver a waiver, signed by all going to Gaza, that we absolve Cyprus of all responsibility for our safety."

With considerable concern:

Sorry! (For whatever was did wrong.)
(Bob, I told you not to push that button! ungh, oom ... )

Even if I have not given it thought, my 'activism' is usually where I am at the time, like at work mostly, what that phrase...acts locally, thinks globally, or even universally, cosmically too.

I guess it is good to recognize the rights of life, liberty and other pursuits of others in order to protect us and our property, especially us, and to deny us the right to harm others and their property.

Can't say I disagree with the Cypriots, no one wants their friends harmed and put in harm's way.

"Tomorrow we will deliver a waiver, signed by all going to Gaza, that we absolve Cyprus of all responsibility for our safety."

Cyprus should not, will not, cannot accept this. (I mean that they should go with and not leave their sides in order to stay on their side) We have not the power or right to absolve others of any responsibility, we don't need more martyrs, we need a stand up leader that does what is promised, so Bama has to lead the way and let those with the will and the way to proceed to give comfort to those that are in need.

Good example to follow to be sure, willingness to die needlessly (and without success) as in throwing caution to the wind, can we expect shame to suddenly become fashionable? fight for survival, all do it, or have given up and simply fight or lay down to no purpose or resolution. Good news will come. a very massive flotilla is needed, boats, we need not just bigger boats , more boats that anyone has ever seen at one time in one place, all boats at sea answer the call now give Bama more reason to do what is right than what he can afford to deny.

Explain, kindly please, why one life is sacrificed to save one life, I don't get it.

or even one for many.

and yes one for all.

Boats have to answer the call, send that call ringing now. make the world see by show...not by force, just by SHOW.

I am tired of bits and pieces struggling, all or nothing seems impossible....all available and willing boats ought to be enough. All we are saying is give enough to take care of those in need of relief from suffering.

Is this so hard? Is there truly such a great shortage of boats? There really is enough to show up at the doorstep, saying, "WE are not huffing and puffing, blowing smoke up your ass, we are here to stay and we want to come a little closer to share food and drink and many healing arts with our friends. Why we'll even share with you, our safety and freedom is at your service. What Albert Einstein and others have said is true, doing the same thing and expecting different results is a bad sign, and a severe lack of common sense, as well and hopes for your wrongness to always delight and not harm others and especially yourself and me too.

And I don't mean to tell anyone what to do, but I hurt when too much harm is so close and far. A cry of uncle, a sigh of ouch, a lingering ache that saps at my feet, but I am fine and so...go play in the rain.

...we now return you to regularly scheduled play on words...
perhaps a poetic interlude.


You can dance when you want to
I can sing this way
we can live a lifetime
in just one day

we were waiting around
for time to begin
waiting on the outside
the sun started to shine
and the moon glowed
moon did show, moon did know

the earth brought us along
all the way home
brought us to the inside
that's how we arrive
and we came alive
inside of you, inside of me
we're in

we declared our freedom
with our first breath
the earth was still young
from the outside, to the inside
and we came for this ride
all this time, for all time
riding along

we can live a lifetime
for all our days

dedicated in loving sparkling memory to Mary Ruth

status offlinemore left out or leftovers are for lunch/ timeframe appox.


Now, is the "big Bang Theory" wrong also?

Some believe it is.
Some agree with the professors.
Or ask this:
Is big bang literally true?
Is big bang fractally )fractionally( true?
It is an unknown, perhaps even unknowable.
Perhaps at best big bang theory is a metaphor, fractal universe theory too.
Many candidates, may these be pieces of these puzzling, mysterious places in time and out of.
In some ways big bang theory is just an analogy of Reproduction and production.
Immovable object meets irresistible force.
Fractals exist this we know, big bang? that too

" If the Big Bang didn't exist man would have to create it."
Who says she didn't.

But how does one reconcile this, if matter is neither created nor destroyed. What you have left is eternal transformation, a continual progression that may not actually allow for progress, a rather new idea in the over-all scheme of things, but simply what happens, cycles of valleys and peaks, calm and storm, stability and instability. But this not mere dualism, these forces are combined in a myriad of patterns that include middle paths that alter alterations, transform transformations, from early chaos to ordered complexity that defies the wretched idea of worthlessness. Out of waste, murder, senseless violence, cataclysmic destruction, baffling absurdities, comes unaccounted for beauty for absolutely no apparent reason, frozen in timeless and not frozen, for the varieties while perhaps not infinite are quite long enough for a galaxy to be born, grow and thrive, settle down, raise the next generation and quietly or even with the brilliance of a Large Hadron Collector, do a remix, how differently could a universe get in the course of 100 billion light-years, more or less. The good they die young, the bad meet an untimely end and the great and the near and dear to greats are immortal and may live larger than life roles and leave memories that are indelibly etched upon the furrowed brow of some bright-eyed tiny creature with a curious nature, a strong back and a mind like sponge and an indomitable spirit that refuses to be squelched, stifled, subverted, converted, or otherwise misled from being quenched by life giving water, soul stirring air with earth firmly below feet and a nearly endless supply of light, that may very well break the wheel someday, but really do you have a better plan, until it comes don't quit the day job and always, always have a back-up plan. I mean it. I'm not kidding and even so it's still a fun time to ride the tiger and do battle against the naysayers forced it seems into the unfortunate task of second fiddle, who can never it seems win in the end at best they get a draw and didn't even get some treats from the oasis at the end of the ride.

In every alternative there is a Holmes and a Moriarty, sometimes one takes the role of the other, trading brilliant feats and daring do, pitting conniving mind against a steadfast moral certitude and through it all dear old friend Dr. Watson is always there to lend a hand, have his ear bent and his loyalty never doubted.

As Moriarty prepares Holmes for an ocean voyage, Watson actually loses his cool and quite deservedly so, punches out the not-Holmes fake, who may not be a foil but certainly can not hold liquor well, but if all is a ruse, another domino falls inexorably slouching its way to Rum Point and Old Man Bay. Paul or is the real Charles Moriarty, twin of James, a man of a thousand faces, who now is bleeding profusely through the nose.
Watson may have broken a thumb, but is feeling rather pleased with himself nonetheless. Here, here old chap, good show!!!

Another cryptic clue is being prepared, and this one triply encrypted by a MacGazillon no less. Just as a cadre of New York's finest arrive to investigate the ruckus, none other than Sir Arthur C. Doyle himself draws near and breathlessly persuades the good Doctor to slip away amidst the confusion and retire for a good stiff drink.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
... the creator of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson,

was born on 22nd of May, 1859, as one of ten children.

He died after suffering a severe heart attack on

July 7, 1930.

This article describes the Dr. Watson for Windows program error debugger tool included in Windows XP.

Dr. Watson for Windows is a program error debugger that gathers information about your computer when an error (or user-mode fault) occurs with a program. Technical support groups can use the information that Dr. Watson obtains and logs to diagnose a program error. When an error is detected, Dr. Watson creates a text file (Drwtsn32.log) that can be delivered to support personnel by the method they prefer. You also have the option of creating a crash dump file, which is a binary file that a programmer can load into a debugger.

Little did I know then, seeds or eggs or what it is that begins things had planted or sown a secret rendezvous with some future that is happening right now.

Dreams: (04/25/07

Lately, I have been torn between two worlds, the world of my birth and the world of my dreams. The dreams have completely taken over. The old world is starting to fade. Most details elude me, only a kind of mirage remains. I have a vague sense of sadness and anxiety. Something was afoot, no doubt. I think.

There is a strange kind of movement among the stars tonight. (I am dreaming) They are no longer moving away, they are getting closer, at ever accelerating speed. They are crashing down upon me as I write. They have engulfed me in a shower of brilliant light. I melded with their luminance. I am now a star. It is not long before a new expansion begins

a waking dream no doubt
forestalls reality to timeless void
it even pricks me
I wake in this and that
with the other
a divine miss pleasure
with a brocade belt

shadow shadow on the wall
who's the one to tell it all?

in the land of deaf
the one eared one still hears