o'mission and co'mmission (or waking a sleepy giant fi, fife & drum)

I guess yes and no answers
means the catalytic coverters
overracting with the undertakers
policy shift changers relying on
past mistakes to gain with pain
great in their mindgames think
similar thoughts entangled in blooper
reels of some real
to pick up the pieces of gauntlet
to keep the stag nation baying at
some moondust twins
rumulus and remax
the druggies and straights to that drama
a hollyland script with bandoleer jets
streaming, oh now I see those lights,
action....cut and print.
makes a story, pretend never ends
when dog becomes fox
and chicks go to hound.

it's not that too many chefs spoil the pot
unless when they're breaking different dishes
the good china and the disposable kinds.