I guess I'd rather be hated than sedated, otherwise outdated, kind of laid back and forgotten, left in the dust of an even newer generation, just like Maxwell said, "Missed it by that much." Does anyone consider being, staying and or getting healthy before it's too late? And what time is it on your biorhythmic clock? Perhaps the only thing more impatient than the young or those who are about dying, having reaped their whirlwind and beset with complaints that are mere extensions of their entire lives, one of indulgence and misguided Whimpyism, "for a burger today, I'll gladly pay you tomorrow, and they lie about gladly, moaning from the bloated stomached of the overfed and the undernourished, my brain leaks as well but I guess the slop bucket came in handy as I get another refill.

BTW here's a travel advisory from someone who might know:

Be aware that demonstrations and protests, even peaceful ones, can sometimes turn violent. You could be caught up in violence or attacks directed at others. If you are in an area affected by demonstrations, you should find a safe location, remain indoors and heed local advice. You should also monitor the media and local information sources for information about possible new safety or security risks.

You should be sensitive to local traditions, customs, laws and religions of the country you are visiting or living in at all times. Be aware of your actions and take care not to offend the cultural or religious beliefs of others. If you are in doubt about what is acceptable behavior, seek local advice.

I have to wonder why anyone would say most doctors are greedy with any degree of authority, or is it relying on the relations telling their latest horror story, I'd wait for personnel experience to confirm your worst suspicions, it's too late, it's too late, and we've barely just begun. What a load of crap, 10,000 years, well sure you must consider the horrible setbacks the plan has suffered, asteroids, worlds in collision, volcanic activity and sifting poles of my way is better than yours. Is it really true, they who laugh last, laugh best and who is still laughing? (Right on through the tears)

If it were truly such a simple procedure, why didn't someone simple perform it?

Harshness is also in the eye of the beholden, why, oh why, is death viewed as tragic, too soon or boy I'm sure glad it's not me.

Oh those greedy, corrupt, incompetent bastards cheating on their exams, as given by their super lame uncle or cousin and bribing that board of inquiry with a wink, a nod and a well endowed……yeah one of each please and yes they are lying when they say please.

Sorry about cynical week, cry me a river was overbooked and sad sack just re-upped
for another tour.

Would you really mind if we stopped killing people before we start saving them from themselves. AS they said, nothing quite as annoying as a reformed drunk or an eatoholic, or some Jesus freak who feels forsakened.

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