l1/24/07 (another day of rebirth, renewal, a new chance to live fuller than before)

"this rose will never die" - Cat Stevens

Do you believe that humans have a significant role in this universe?

I prefer not to believe anything, I'd rather know.
I don't know the answer, but I like to guess.
First, I find it hard to separate the whole into parts (or roles).
Humans may have value as guardians, explorers and lovers.
These 'roles' don't cover everything, but seem to be important.

(especially to the guarded, explored and loved)

Like any good question, this one leads me to more questions.
What does the universe need and want?
Does this universe need protection?
Does this universe want to be discovered?
Does this universe need to love?
Does this universe want to be loved?
When the answer is yes, I know from personnel experience that
it is very, very significant, I hope this universe knows this too.

and my love

who am I?

I prefer Poet, but thanks just the same.

"Ah, a wordsmith."

"No, that would be a writer who writes carefully constructed
sentences. A Poet writes poetry that flows like water from a
spring that rises into the sky then falls as rain forever."
and ever after

To sing. or not to sing

Right now, this is all I've got, so far

death is loss of all function
doesn't explain much
especially if some unobserved function continues
assume for the moment that all function is internal
all vital components rely on each other to continue (not die)
clinical death may be described as no brain activity
combined with no heartbeat
if you could you might find yourself
buried, cremated, frozen,
or some other various way of absence
this applies mostly to the physical body
back to no brain activity and no heartbeat
production of electrical activity stops
assume for the moment that electrical activity
is light
since conception all these photons
have been interactive and doing what light does
with heat, luminosity, ...

right now I know forgotten dreams that waft through skies

a little more

You forget the raindrop
You think you are earth (dust to dust)
That's just the fuel
You are the ocean (at least 90% at birth)
Infinite or unbound?
Close enough
Don't forget the ocean up above
2 parts hydrogen, 1 part oxygen
Don't forget the core
Where electro-magnetics store
Without white light electrics in the air
You might not be anywhere

"I feel like I am
bound to the earth by invisible hands."

You may mean tied to earth by gravity, I think not.
You may mean connected to the earth by unseen forces,
if so, I think so too.
Gravity does not bound or tie, it caresses us, it connects us.
Unseen forces may hold us and let us go and just as surely
call us back to hold again.
If I'm not mistaken, that's called dancing.
You may mean I feel like I am dancing, if so, I think so too.

Right now I sit typing at the computer, wondering how long its been since I first thought, I can't make you do anything. Oh sure I could make a joke and you might laugh, but I won't take any credit for the sounds that come from you, I just thank you for sharing.

Or I say something and you become sad, maybe a tear appears and falls to the earth. Am I gravity? Causing you to rain down below on the soft parade. I don't think I can take the blame, but just as surely I will try and make a joke and may you laugh again, to share with all the world.

maybe a writer does make their readers want to read what is written, some call it "a page turner".

Right now I am watching the movie, "Tora! Tora! Tora!".
Imagine on
12/07/1941 you are taking a flying lesson, suddenly you are surrounded by a fleet of Japanese planes, you hear your instructor say, "I'm taking over now."
The following is a cut-up* taken from a cognitive science forum.

tripping the wire

lost in a mysterious universe
which is the way it really is
brains just like to fill in the blanks with things they're familiar with
didn't expect anybody to take that literally!
because you see what you believe you'll see
what can you doubt?
when all are free to make their own determination
tripping the wire is no longer an accident

*The cut-up technique, also known as fishbowling, is an aleatory literary technique or genre in which a text is cut up at random and rearranged to create a new text.

no I do not really channel, I steal influence and guidance,
I take absorption and examples, mix and match a little,
get inspired to a point where maybe once or twice I am blessed to do a little inspiring in grateful return.

in general

there's a group discussion
on where to go next
let's vote on it someone said
"No!" some other replied. "That's not fair because the majority will win!"

Do you have reason to believe?

if not for night
day would follow day
the world would indeed be flat
whether it rotated or not

Why do you tell the truth?

for love or money
I can not say
is for respect
I go this way

Why do you tell lies?

it's just for reminder
to help realize
a notion
you thought to idealize

Free Advice

Forget the rich, forgive the poor
all the power lies in the middle
Stop feeding the rich
give to the poor, at least the time of day
It's the 21st century btw

bottom line...

the lesser of two evils
does not leave
the world
with one less


By definition an atheist can not be intolerant of someone who believes in something that does not exist.
Now Jesus may have disagreed, but someone who believes in god, by definition can not tolerate someone who does not believe in god.
Just goes to show what definitions can do, or rather not do.
Labels are good for the buffet line, and they do not explain behavior, but some good descriptions might.

I don't even know if the definitions are true. I prefer not to believe, but rather know and understand; actually my aim is to know through peace and love. I love Godlings. Tolerance or intolerance has no role to play. When Others have love, then there is peace and some understanding, in other words, 'All you need is love'. In a truth I do know, I don't quite know how to react to others that are without love. Flee perhaps, go screaming to the hills. There are non-violent ways to fight, which require an incredible amount of skill, such as explaining, persuasion, argument, even charm and humor sometimes might work, my own tendency runs to some tom-foolery, which may disarm, but over-all not terribly effective. I kid because I care.

"At rest in the One, while active among the Many."

There are two places. Call them stores. In one store there are many rows with many shelves; on every shelf in every row there is one item, all the same. Your first time in the store, you might try to walk through every row, look on every shelf, but before you can you will get tired and want to rest, then you are....."At rest in the One"

....later, you wake up, hear a sound, grab One and go see what the ruckus is.

meanwhile the Other store waits for your arrival; with many shelves and many rows; with many different items, no two exactly alike, you might try to walk through every row, look on every shelf for the One, but before you can you will get tired and want to rest; this time you remember where the One was and you go back to the one store.

This goes on for a............." , while active among the Many."

What happens to all is not exactly alike; even when at rest with the One.

The One is who, what, where, when, why and how.
Some possibilities may be God, Life, Mother, Father, Lover, Husband, Wife, Daughter, Son, Brother, Sister, Dear Friends, Teacher, Student, Consular, Consoler, Doctor, Nurse, Animal Friends, Nature, Earth, Ocean, Now, Then, Later, Why Not, It's as easy as one, two, three, I Love You, ABCee! 8o


What is in the eyes of the Beloved,
hearts with strings attached
that cannot be broken,
or seared into with vision blind;
sweet justice found waiting
in halls remembered.

A power greater than
one and one,
two together shining
in the sun;
bright eyes plainly see
every color, every shade.

What have the Masses ever done?

Except follow some madman into war.
Build every house you've ever seen.
Turn the roads into black armbands.
Feed you. Clothe you. Educate you.
And only ask you to not disturb them while they sleep.

Sacred & Profane

If nothing is sacred, is everything profane?
Abiding here in safety net.
How would I tell the difference?
If it strikes me dead, I'll little complain
or know any truth it might hold;
so maybe it is all lies
and I'm not missing a thing.
Everyone I know is sacred.

I guess I am missing something, why aren't I suffering more, certainly a lot of heartache goes with empathy and sympathy, is it only my fortune of birthplace&time that keeps me happy in spite of or because of the heaps of misery raining upon the earth?


will you rain on me?
with your sea of love
fill me with your air
I'll breath you in
and breath you out
all with the sea of love

rain on me, rain on me,
rain on me with your love
fill me up with your air
I'll breath you in
and breath you out
all for the sea of love

will you call on me?
with your heart of love
feel me when you care
I'll take you in
and take you out
all with who see our love

call on me, call on me
call on me with your love
feel me up when you care
I'll take you in
and take you out
all for who see our love


when a gasp for air that is not there,
watches snow not falling,
floating where it lands,
drifts waving, weaving
to rise up.

Topsy Turvy

when it comes to atmosphere.
are we under pressure?
simply walking on air's ocean floor,
or perhaps floating, swimming
atop sky's vast expanse.\

theory of wee!

co-joined, separated at birth;
some live, some die,
some thrive, some survive;
divided, in the fall;
some break, some bounce,
some heal, some come back.

I don't want to swim on a wave
and sink to the bottom.
I don't want to fly in the sky
then fall and wonder why.
I just want to be with you.

I don't want to hear you cry,
just maybe a sigh or two.
I don't want to die for you,
just want to live with you.

Somewhere on a shore for two
looking out at the deep blue sea.
You know we can fly inside
and soar into each others arms.


contributing the seeds of development
is blooming, waiting and deciding
a little and a lot
fast, so slow, seems like life growing
when timing is everything
there is feeling that still swells
at a thought,
friendliness, handled with care
gets stronger, not all that fragile
I have another name for semi-real
more than not
I trust too

....and Finally....

Writer's Block Party

I don't have writer's block, or even a street where only writers live, either I write or I don't and do other things that writers do; live&learn, love&be loved, feed senses, read, take walks, look at people, look at sky, eat, drink&be merry, be with friends, make plans, change plans, listen to music inside&out, feel wind&sun on face, stop&contemplate about the space&time We're in for and out of, seek adventure, new friends, new loves, and remember to think, daydream, take care&give care, feed all hungers and remember to talk; you know the usual stuff and think about writing.

I think we need to be careful what we name things, I may have a rewrite block, while it's not too hard to spare a word or two, any drastic changes seem like threats to quit and take up psychiatry.*

According one source, big band leader Stan Kenton, once
threatened to quit music and take up psychiatry.