evil has been described as absence of godling, like darkness is absence of light, as well we know light is matter transformed fired into radiance, illumination, heat also with electromagnetic fields of force helping to produce gravitational forces, but for a more mundane and non-physical defining moment, evil could be some aspect of ignorance, but not the innocent naive kind, it would by chance and cleverness be willful, stubborn and extraordinarily sincere, without a trace of laughter at itself or with anyone but only at those who are pitied as fools who do not know its secrets, its lies of power corrupted, its all too convenient ease toward destruction of others, as well as self, to become radiance itself in its blaze to gory, in its ever ending and never quite satisfied quest to hate daddy pay and love mama scream, its anger consumed in its furnaces of black graves. evil belongs not with any life that affirms itself with itself and with all other life as well. as well you know evil is alone, evil is afraid, evil is wasteful, evil is heartless, evil is easy to anger and slow to burn, being but a hard bent ember with a radioactive glow, and so so slow, I mean dumb, dumber than snot, stupider than a mongoloid lounge act impersonating 'The Four Stooges", forgetting that they never appeared as more than a 3-act. OOps.

as you may have heard, some of what may be called 'reality', can be encoded in 0s and, or 1s in some ways this means everything is represented by itself and also connected to everything else making everything interconnected, as well as interdependent, meaning our fates and destinies, may such things even exist, are inseparable, sometimes insufferable and perhaps even without an end. weird wild stuff, the lengths some will go to get a peek behind a simple veil.
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