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  1. Not So Fast

    10/30/09 20:42:12 | 0 Comments


    evil has been described as absence of godling, like darkness is absence of light, as well we know light is matter transformed fired into radiance, illumination, heat also with electromagnetic fields of force helping to produce gravitational forces, but for a more mundane and non-physical defining moment, evil could be...
  2. importance of being humane

    10/29/09 14:08:14 | 0 Comments


    l1/24/07 (another day of rebirth, renewal, a new chance to live fuller than before)

    "this rose will never die" - Cat Stevens

    Do you...
  3. Husky Rescue - The Good man

    10/26/09 06:18:18 | 0 Comments

  4. Bulldozing U.S. Cities

    10/22/09 15:37:44 | 0 Comments

    Bulldozing U.S. Cities image The issue:Should parts of economically downtrodden U.S. cities suffering from "chronic population loss" be bulldozed to ensure the cities' survival? Supporters of bulldozing cities say: Many former U.S. manufacturing centers in the Northeast and Midwest suffer...
  5. Re-qualification

    10/08/09 19:56:52 | 0 Comments


    I guess I'd rather be hated than...

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